Only 32 minutes from Tokyo
towards Kyoto.
Nearly mt.Fuji
*From JR Tokyo Station to Odawara Station
by Shinkansen.

Sanctuary for healing and relaxation
The historic Odawara & Hakone.

Medical examination facilities
of the highest standards in Japan.

exceptional hospitality.

ODAWARA HAKONE KENSHIN CLINICComfortable medical health checkup in Japan
Let’s go to the “Medical Retreat”!

Nestled in the charming landscapes of Odawara and Hakone,
the historically beloved sanctuary for healing and relaxation,
our clinic is staffed with specialists capable of providing
medical examinations at one of the highest standards in Japan.
Come and experience the best “Medical Retreat” of your life.

  • Relax in the hot spring
    Located in the same building as a hotel with a hot spring; Hakone Onsen Spa is also nearby.
  • Enjoy both Odawara & Hakone
    Get the best of both worlds. Enjoy hot springs, great seafood and sightseeing.
  • CT and MRI available
    Minimally invasive and time efficient.
    (results available in shortest time possible)
  • Japanese Omotenashi Hospitality
    Private rooms available. Happy to accommodate family members/partners.
  • Great local dining
    Good quality seafood & Japanese restaurants in walking distance. Get discounts with our special coupon.
  • Results in English / Chinese
    Reports will be sent to you in both languages. Referrals for Japanese medical institutions can be made if requested.
Odawara Castle

Advanced Imaging Diagnostics

We offer a range of minimally invasive examinations, such as gastrointestinal endoscopy and gynecological screenings. Our program ensures quick results, often on the same day, allowing you to receive excellent health assessments even during a short visit.

Odawara Castle

Ideal location for “Medical Retreat”

Since the 18th century, many famous people have built villas in Odawara and Hakone, they visited for “Retreat”. With its warm climate, abundant seafood, rich nature, and world-famous hot springs, this region is the perfect environment for Medical checkup and “Retreat”.

Odawara Castle

Hotel Packages available

“Tenseien Annex” is located in the same building, a hot spring hotel with partnerships with renowned hot spring inns in the Hakone area. Relax in the hot springs before or after your checkup to experience Japanese hospitality at its finest.

Watch our videos

Clinic tour

Clinic tour

Yu Mashiko

Yu Mashiko

una Hiraiwa - Tokyo 2020 Olympian

Yuna Hiraiwa – Tokyo 2020 Olympian

The best medical examination facility
With the highest level of medical equipment

Our clinic occupies the entire 7th floor of a building directly connected to JR Odawara Station.
Equipped with CT and MRI facilities comparable to university hospitals, we also cater to women’s medical checkups;
we have created the perfect medical environment with a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere.
With dining facilities and a hot spring hotel within the same building, it’s also an ideal location for families.

Go to Medical Checkup Programs

Medical Services and Hours

Comprehensive Medical Checkups
Women’s Health, Radiology, Internal Medicine

08:30 AM to 12:00 PM
01:00 PM to 04:00 PM (JST)
Closed Mondays
By Appointment Only

For more details, please contact us.

Our Doctors

Director Odawara Hakone Kenshin Clinic Yuki Naruke
Odawara Hakone Kenshin Clinic
Yuki Naruke,M.D.
Physician Madoka Nitou
Odawara Hakone Kenshin Clinic
Madoka Nito,M.D.

Chief Director Kanchukai Medical Corporation Jisho Kojima, Ph.D.

Chief Director
Kanchukai Medical Corporation
Jisho Kojima.M.D.,Ph.D.

Our clinic was opened in February 2021 with the most advanced medical equipment in Japan and a team of experts who conduct accurate medical examinations. The clinic is very clean and comfortably can be tested. After the checkup, You can enjoy delicious Japanese food, hot springs, rich nature, Odawara castle,Ninja, Hakone Geisha, and more in Odawara and Hakone, one of the best resorts in Japan.

Access Information

Good transportation access,
directly connected to Odawara Station, a tourist hub

  • Convenient location
    direct access from Odawara Station.
  • From Tokyo Station
    32 Shinkansen (bullet train) towards Kyoto.
  • From Haneda Airport
    20 min. by Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station, then 25 min. by Shinkansen.
    By Taxi
    Approximately 60 km from Haneda Airport

Odawara Hakone Kenshin Clinic

Minaka Odawara 7F
1-1-15 Sakaecho, Odawara-shi,
Kanagawa 250-0011, Japan